Welcome to the new Slaying Bodies Clan website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! After a month of hard word and dedication, we are delighted to officially release our new website.

Our goal with the new website is the provide our clan members an easier way to interact with the clan, when it comes to seeing clan information, raid nights, and even Destiny 2 news, we will be updating our website as Destiny 2 does.

Here is a comparison of our old website, compared to our new website. ( Click the image to see a larger version)

Here is a brief overview of the website change:

  • Logo. Our old logo did not capture the creative aspect that we were looking for, so we created a new one.

  • We updated the entire look and feel of the website. Our website is now fully responsive, which means that you can view our website on any screen size, and the website will auto resize to your screen size, from mobile phones to Tv’s the website will no longer be too tiny or too large.
  • We have introduced a whole new registration system. You will no longer have to fill out a website application, then clan recruitment form to be apart of the clan. One simple and easy registration form all you need to fill out to register.  *Those members who previously registered with our old website, will need to make a new account on our new platform.
  • We have a new social feature that allows you to find friends, post status updates, and even your own media such as screenshots, videos, and music.
  • Guides – With Destiny 2 being a new game, some of guardians are still trying to figure out how how to beat certain things, such as the raid. We have introduced a Guides section, this will give detailed guides with step by step instructions, images, and videos on how to accomplish these tasks. We will have our own original content in the future for our guides.
  • Gaming News – As we follow Bungie and other sources for Destiny 2 news, we will post weekly updates for Destiny 2, such as the weekly reset, Xur location and gear,  and updates with Destiny.
  • Can Wars – This is a whole new feature that is not fully released yet. This feature will allow individual and team based Crucible events within our clan. We will host monthly tournaments and post the winner of the month.  We will touch more on this feature at a later time.
  • Forums – We have a updated forums section for specific topics of your choosing. We have included LFG for specific requests as well.
  • Discord – We have launched a clan Discord, which we encourage all of you to join. This is a free and easy way to communicate with the clan members.
  • Social Media – We have established social media accounts that can be found at the top left of the website. We recently created them and will be update them soon.

As we progress as a clan, we have more ideas to expand our clan and offer more clan features. Clan updates will be posted in our blog.

If you see any issues with the website, please post any issues here.

Thank you all for being apart of our wonderful clan. See you in the battlefield Guardians!

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