17 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Destiny 2

Released on September 6th for consoles (PC coming October 24th), Destiny 2 continues the epic story of the Traveler and Guardians and how they work together to keep humanity alive. But now, the Tower – the main social space for Guardians – has been destroyed by Dominus Ghaul, a Cabal outcast who wants the Traveler’s light for himself. He feels he’s the one that’s worthy, not humanity.

Destiny 2 brings new ways to level up your character, from Adventures to Quests to Heroic Public Events to Prestige versions (extremely high-level endgame content) of the Raid and Nightfall. Three new subclasses appear as well as a multitude of weapons and armor and new strikes.

The game explains basic concepts to you as you play through the first few missions whether you’re a Destiny veteran or a newcomer. But many of the cool features are left for you to figure out on your own, look up online, or accidentally discover as you read about Destiny 2.

This list has items that may make you think “I didn’t know I could do that.” Hopefully, these 17 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Destiny 2 will help your gameplay or enhance your Destiny 2 experience.


When you first begin a new character, your main goal should be to get it to level 20. The fastest way to do that is to play the main story. After you finish that, do any PvE content like Adventures, Quests, and Public Events. The reason is these activities give you more experience than PvP.

And even after level 20, you want level up as fast as you can because you’ll receive Bright engrams to redeem. These engrams contain cosmetic loot as well as potential weapon and armor mods.

Destiny 2′s PvP does give you some experience. If your goal is to level up rapidly, then you’ll find the time invested versus PvP experience isn’t worth it. In a game like Destiny 2, when there’s so much to do, it’s beneficial to play smart, not hard.



Bungie often partners with outside companies to provide additional content through codes. The codes are usually obtained with the company’s products, then redeemed through their site, then Bungie’s site.

For Destiny 2, you can receive experience boost consumables for your character with Pop-Tarts. For each box of Pop-Tarts you buy, you’ll get one boost to use. The process requires a few steps. First, buy any flavor of Pop-Tart – they don’t have to have the Destiny promotional art on them. Next, take a picture of your receipt, then text it to the number given on the box or on the Kellogg’s website.

Soon, you receive a text with a code for each box you purchased. Take these codes over to www.bungie.net and sign into your account. In the CODES tab, enter the codes. After that, you’ll see a list of the codes and a description of them. Make sure you click REDEEM on the right. The next time you play Destiny 2, pick up your content from the Postmaster!


The Farm is the second social space in Destiny 2 located in the forest. It’s another safe-haven filled with other characters and even a soccer field and ball. Once at The Farm, if you look up, you can see a number of wires connecting buildings and power poles. You can actually walk on them to travel between the buildings and over the soccer field.

Any of the buildings are easy to use to get up to the roof. The easiest is the barn where ships are being repaired. Go up the stairs as high as you can go and you’ll see a hole in the roof where you can jump up and through. From there you can walk over to the other buildings or take a stroll over the soccer field. You can get far – almost to the large power pole – before the game tells you you’ve hit an out-of-bounds area and must turn back.


Besides Kellogg’s, Bungie has also partnered with Rockstar Energy. When you buy Rockstar drinks – they must have the Destiny artwork on them – you can enter the code from under the tab at destiny2.rockstarenergy.com to score engrams.

You will need to create an account at Rockstar and have that site authorize your Bungie account. You can enter in four codes per week (each new week starts on Wednesdays going through 10/19.) Besides engrams, you are also entered to win Destiny-themed motorcycles, PS4 Pro systems, and special edition games.

It’s very important, after you enter in the codes, to go to your Bungie.net account, then the codes section. The new codes are ready for you to REDEEM, which is on the right. After you redeem (redeem once for each code you entered), visit the Postmaster in-game to get your engrams!


Your Ghost is your faithful companion, resurrecting you upon death, providing funny quips about the environment, and giving you other information about your surroundings. As you explore each of the planets, you may notice your Ghost will pop up in the upper right corner accompanied by some beeps. This is your Ghost informing you there’s something near you that you can investigate.

While the Ghost doesn’t tell you exactly where to go, it will give you a general route. When the Ghost icon appears, pull out your Ghost. The digital eye of the Ghost will point you in the direction you need to go, whether it’s left, right, up, or down. It is up to you how to get there, but at least your Ghost gives you an overall path to a chest or item to scan for additional Lore about the world.


You can receive two “superhero” buffs by completing tasks at the Farm. After spawning into the Farm, climb to the top of the building to your immediate left. Then go to the right until you see the electrical wires going to the building at the right of the spawn. Jump on the wires and walk across them until you see “Sentry Ranks x2″ and “Vertigo Completed” appear on the left of your screen.

Then use the wires to go to building with the water wheel. Jump on the wheel and run on it until you see “Wheel Boost Completed.” Now head to the docks – to the back left of the spawn – and the campfire there and activate the Scouting Patrol. You’ll see energy beams appear from the ground you’ll need to run through. Eventually, you return to the docks to see fireworks and your total time.

As of this writing, there’s no purpose to the buffs outside the farm, but it’s a nice secret addition for you to engage in.


The Arcstrider is the new Hunter subclass that wields a staff of devastating arc light. Basic attacks include a ground pound where you jump up and hit R2 (PS4)/ RB (Xbox) or tap the right buttons to perform a simple staff swing. But you can do more than that while in Super mode.

You can use the right-side controller buttons to perform up to a three-attack combo. Think of R1/RT (PS4/Xbox) as a light attack and the R2/RB as a heavy attack. Hitting them in various combinations allows you to chain attacks for massive amounts of damage. Remember you can do three at most, so pause after the third one before you start the next combination or you’ll just bust out a single attack.

With the Hunter’s Arcstrider, you can now pretend you’re playing Mortal Kombat!


In the first Destiny, playing “Kick the Ball” in the Tower was something everyone did. The ball returns in Destiny 2, but you can turn it into a mini-Traveler ball! Make sure you complete the main story campaign.

You goal is to kick the ball to certain spots in the new Tower. When you do, the ball changes color. From where you spawn, the ball will appear on a box up a ramp. Kick it past the Cryptarch up the stairs to a landing pad. The ball turns green. Go back to get the ball – it respawns back at the original spot – and kick it down a short flight of stairs to the left of where you spawn in. The ball turns black.

Next, kick it over the railing behind the ball and straight back to the flag. The ball is blue. Finally, kick it to the middle of the walkway between Zavala and Lord Shaxx. Now turn around to see fireworks and a large ball that looks like the Traveler.


The Warlock Voidwalker has two unique ways to use grenades. Just make sure you have the subclass abilities Attunement of Chaos and Attunement of Hunger abilities unlocked in the skill tree. For both grenade features, you press the L1 (PS4) and LB (Xbox) button.

First, for Attunement of Chaos, you can charge the grenade. For about two seconds, the grenade sticks in your hand before releasing. Once it hits, you’ll notice a bigger area of effect and more damage done than if you had thrown it immediately.

With Attunement of Hunger, the grenade energy is transferred to your health. You lose the grenade as an offensive weapon, but you’ll stay alive longer, which could be beneficial when playing PvP.

As you can see, both give you wonderful strategies for both PvE and PvP games.



The Titan Sentinel is a new subclass in Destiny 2. When its Super is activated, the Titan turns purple and wields a shield. When you see a Titan cavorting around a PvP map, you might think to yourself, “Oh, there’s Captain America.” The shield can be thrown at opponents or enemies; it returns to you like a boomerang.

But one ability that’s not clear when you use the Sentinel is how to hit more than one target with the shield. This was shown in the various trailers for Destiny 2. While in your Sentinel Super, press L1 (PS4) or LB (Xbox) on the controller to throw the shield. If there is more than one enemy close to you, the shield will bounce between them like a pinball, either damaging them greatly or killing them.

Remember, this can only be used once per Super, and if no one is close enough, the shield will go in a straight line.


For the first time in Destiny, you can climb over edges to give you an extra boost over a ledge or cliff. While not new to video games, it is new to Destiny 2. And it’s not necessarily to reach additional heights – it’s useful to leap over objects on the ground. But if you’re trying to reach a point where your Guardian falls short by a small amount, then utilizing this feature may get you there.

To trigger this, you’ll hold down the Jump button as you are on or near the edge. The animation is quick, but you should see your character grab the ledge and clamber over. If you are on the run and need to hop up to safety, tapping the Jump button works for short climbs, especially if you are playing PvP and need a fast escape.


Public Events are a great way to level up to your character to the soft cap of Power 260-265 from the armor and weapons rewards you receive relative to your current Power level. They are easily accessible from the Director, which also tells you where incoming events are about to spawn and where there are active ones.

Each Public Event has a Rally Flag you can scan if the Event is not active. You’ll receive a timer to the next event, but when you scan the flag, your Super immediately charges. This is handy whether you are taking part in the Public Event or if you’re just passing through the area. But why leave your fellow Guardians to battle alone? Public Events are also part of many of the challenge and Milestone bounties, so completing them is beneficial to all.


The Cabal race is the major focus in Destiny 2. They’ve taken our City and Tower and are looking to steal the Light, which powers the Guardians and allows their Ghost to respawn them after a death. There are a variety of Cabal to contend with as you progress through the Campaign, Quests, and Adventures, and the Cabal that extend their shields for extra protection are annoying for sure.

To get to the Cabal, you must break that shield, and many players will simply fire on it until it shatters, exposing the Cabal behind it. But that takes time and wastes bullets. Something you may have missed is that in the middle of the shield is a diamond that is its critical point. Shoot that and the shield will splinter faster than pumping bullets around the critical area.


In the first Destiny, watching a Warlock prepare to throw a Nova Bomb probably sent you into panic mode, scrambling to find cover or jumping far enough from the area of effect. But most of the time, no matter what you do, you got hit by the purple blob of Void energy.

Now, in Destiny 2, you can shoot and destroy the Nova Bomb in the air. However, it requires you to either blast the bomb with enough damage or coordinate a fireteam to focus-fire on it. Both will need you to shoot the bomb as fast as you can.

This will work the most if a Warlock decides to toss you the Nova Bomb at long range, giving you time to set and attempt the takedown. If the Warlock chucks the bomb at you from close range, accept your fate like a noble Guardian and respawn.


Players had a love-hate relationship with Destiny’s Lore. If you wanted to read additional material about the Destinyworld – like the alien races, weaponry, and cast of characters – you had to go away from the game and to a website or app. As you played the game, you collected Grimoire, which were digital cards saved to your Bungie account for you to read later.

Destiny 2 now lets you read any lore in-game. Currently, any exotic weapon or armor has Lore attached to it, and it’s easier to get to than you might realize. When you select the exotic and pull up the information screen on it, press L2 (PS4) or LT (Xbox) on your controller. A side window will appear, giving you additional information about that object. Could be a captured conversation or a history of the exotic piece.

Hopefully in the future, Bungie will add extra Lore to other items besides exotics.


If you played the original Destiny in its early days, you remember this scenario: you need to move weapons from one character to another, so you travelled to the Tower and stored the desired weapons in the Vault. Then, you switched characters, went to the Tower again, and pulled those weapons from the Vault. This cost time and caused frustration as loading screens dominated your gameplay.

Eventually, a few apps came out that allowed you to swap weapons and manage your Vault without leaving your character, no matter what activity you were in. Destiny Item Manager (DIM) is a popular and user-friendly inventory management system that quickly got updated and running a few days after Destiny 2′s release. With many players now creating one or two alternate characters, the website was updated at the right time.


Less of thing you didn’t know you could do in Destiny 2 and more information you need to know – completing the story is necessary to unlock much of the content the game has to offer. When you reach level 20, you’re able to use more weapons and armor – legendary and exotic – and you can reach the max level without finishing the story. But that’s it.

Adventures, Quests, Patrols, and more unlock after you complete the final story mission. And the main characters like Ikora and Cayde-6 will offer bounties and treasure maps, but you’ll only see them when – you guessed it – you’ve played through the main campaign.

So if you’re wondering where all the endgame content is or why your maps are lacking things for you to do, make sure Destiny 2′s story is completed. Plus, don’t you want to see what happens to Ghaul?

Have a few things you do that others may not know they could do in Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments!



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